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Daily Prompts to Document Your Everyday Life

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Do you ever find yourself in a rut when it comes to scrapbooking? Maybe you feel uninspired to scrapbook because nothing exciting has happened or maybe you’ve just gotten caught up in other activities. If this sounds like you, don’t panic! It’s okay. That kind of stuff happens all the time!

The way to get out of the rut is to start finding joy in the small things, finding importance in things you may not have noticed before – and getting it onto your digital pages!

To help myself get back into the habit of creating pages, I decided to challenge myself to create a digital page everyday for the rest of this year. My photos might not be great, my layouts may not be showcase/magazine worthy…and you know what? That’s okay with me.

Because digital scrapbooking is about telling your story and preserving moments and memories – not trying to kill yourself over drop shadows or layouts or spending a fortune.

So today I am sharing with you all my way to get out of the scrapbook rut and back to creating…and my secret that’s going to help me get back to scrapping? Scrapbooking prompts.

Scrapbook prompts are just little ideas of things to photograph or write about on your pages. You don’t have to do every single one on this list…you don’t have to do them in any particular order. The point of this is to get you telling YOUR story so that it can be passed on to future generations and remembered.

And if you’re thinking, yeah…but I don’t have anything worth scrapbooking about, or my story is boring, or otherwise are not feeling enthusiastic – I want to tell you right now, in big bold all capital words:


Okay. Sorry about that…I just want to yell from the mountain tops – life should be celebrated, documented, remembered!

Relying on our memory alone is not enough…being able to flip through pages on your external hard drive or in a photo book or an online gallery…is so much better than nothing and moments that matter forgotten.

So today I start again with a new excitement for digital scrapbooking again! After taking a break for a few months I can’t wait to release all the new kits we have in the works for you! And I am really looking forward to getting back to scrapbooking the everyday through using these prompts.

I hope you enjoy them!

Daily Scrapbook Prompts to Document the Everyday:

#1: Today’s Schedule: What are you up to today? Whether it’s appointments, running errands, business meetings, school events – your schedule is a big part of your life story!

#2: Today’s To-Do List: Sure, laundry is probably not the most exciting thing you want to be remembering in your life – BUT…your to-do list is a great way to look back and see what current themes and events were happening! For example, when I was expecting my kids, my to-do lists were full of “get ready for baby” memories that today I barely remember!

#3: The Weather: What kind of weather do you love? What weather has been unusual for your region? The weather can influence so many little parts of our lives – from snow closings and delays to summer vacations!

#4: Something You do to Treat Yourself: I think it’s so important to take care of yourself – whether it’s a relaxing bath or a new book – document something you do for self-care.

#5. A movie or television show you watched recently: The movies we watch can reflect a lot on our lives and the things we find interesting!

#6: A song you heard on the radio or have stuck in your head: I always find myself using song lyrics as a prompt for scrapbook page titles and journaling blocks!

#7: Overheard Conversations: Whether its something your family members say or you overhear while standing in line at a store – these little conversations can sometimes spark some interesting memories!

#8: Quotes from family members or friends: When we were teenagers, my friends and I passed along a spiral bound notebook appropriately called The Quotebook around school and would write down different sayings and quotes from our friends. This little book we made became far more treasured than any school sponsored yearbook! As the years go by and some of our friends and family are no longer with us on this earth, it also serves as a great tribute to those who have passed on.

#9: Screenshot of your computer: Technology is changing so fast – why not capture some old screenshots? I still crack up anytime I see an old geocities website layout from those early days of the internet in the 1990s. Even our Scrapvine website has gone through some major design changes!

#10: Screenshot From Your Phone: What apps are you obsessed with? Which people are you messaging? Text messages can be great inspiration!

#11: A Video You Watched on YouTube: Many videos we watch online can be informative and inspirational! What videos have you watched recently? How have they helped or inspired you?

#12: Your favorite Pinterest Pins: Pinterest is one of those sites full of endless inspiration – which pins inspire you the most? Which are on your must-try lists?

#13: Something funny you saw on Facebook: My friends and family are always posting funny stories and quotes on Facebook – screenshots of this can be another way to capture memories within your pages.

#14: News events: The news, whether we like what is reported or not, can be a glimpse of different events happening locally, nationally, and world-wide.

#15: A quote from a book you read: Do you like to read? You can make a list of recent titles you’ve read, or simply choose 1-2 quotes from a book you’ve enjoyed. You can also find many great book quotes from

#16: A handwritten note: In today’s digital world, a handwritten note can truly be a special occasion! You can choose to either photograph and scan it, or simply write about the note and the person who sent it!

#17: Thoughts while driving in the car: Yes, those wandering thoughts while driving the car matter! Whether you are stuck in traffic or on an epic road trip adventure – document it!

#18: Use receipts from when you went shopping: It’s amazing what stories our shopping receipts can tell us! Maybe you were purchasing supplies for a project, remodeling your home, sending kids off to college, stocking up on coffee – all those little things reflect a big part of your life story!

#19: Your favorite hobby: Is there something you do for fun? Share details and research about your favorite hobbies.

#20: Now & Then: Compare now vs. when you were a kid. How have things changed?

#21: Recurring Symbols/Themes in your life: Are there any symbols or themes that keep happening in your life? Document them!

#23: Your favorite foods: You know the saying, You are what you eat! Your favorite foods and everyday foods you eat each day can tell a lot about documenting the everyday.

#24: Your favorite beverage: Coffee, tea or something stronger – tasty beverages are a great way to document your daily rituals and memories with friends and family.

#25: A recipe from someone you cherish: Go through your family’s recipe books for ideas and inspiration for memories to capture your stories.

#26: Your home: What’s your favorite most coziest spot at home? What memories do you have at your home? Think of the prompt – if walls could talk, what would they say?

#27. School memories/teachers: Even if school was a long time ago, these memories can prove to be valuable lessons we’ve learned from that have guided us through life!

#28: Your strengths & weaknesses: What do you think you are good at? What things could you improve at?

#29: Unwinding after a long day: How do you kick back and relax after a hard day of work or a busy day filled with activities? What are your before bed rituals and habits?

#30: Plants growing in a local park or your backyard or windowsill: These are always great ways to remember your surroundings and document every day with a little bit of nature inspiration!

#31: Your pets: Our pets are always endlessly entertaining us and are a big part of our life!

#32: Clothes You Wear: What are your favorite outfits? What are some clothes you wore to a special event? How have the fashion trends changed throughout the years?

#34: Your desk/office: What is your office space like? Whether it’s a home office for bill paying or a corporate office for your job, your desk can say a lot about you and provide some interesting stories to tell in documenting your daily life!

#35: Wacky Unusual Holidays: Did you know March 1st is National Pig Day? I bet not! There’s all sorts of weird unusual holidays to celebrate!

#36: Causes You Are Passionate About: What causes are near and dear to your heart? Why do they mean a lot to you? What have you done to be supportive of the causes? All of these things reflect a big part of your unique life story to tell!

#37: Goals/Resolutions – Your progress & steps towards achieving them.

#38: Words to Live By: A Saying or Phrase you use as a motto

#39: Running errands: Document your travels to the post office, bank, grocery shopping, etc.

#40: Waking Thoughts: Journal or create based on a dream you had the night before

#41: 10 Facts People May Not Know About You: What are some little known things about you that others may not be aware of?

#42: Alphabetical: Create an A-Z list of things you have in your life.

#43: What’s in a name? Spend some time researching the name origins and meanings for your name or family members

#44: Home repair & DIY projects: Painting the walls? Putting in new flooring? Making home repairs? A trip to the hardware store? All of these

#45: Crafts or Art projects you make: If you make something, you should definitely document what you create!

#46: What’s in your backpack or purse or wallet? Those little things you find in your wallet or purse can be quite telling!

#47: Your close friends: Time spent together, memories you’ve shared, and good times!

#48: Today’s Soundtrack: Document a list of songs that sum up the day

#49: Emotions & Moods: What are you feeling today?

#50: Stay-cations: Be a tourist in your own town! Document various places of interest and historical sites near you.

#51: Housework, Cleaning, and Organizing: Do you have an organizational system that works for you? Or, maybe you got a closet organized or a room clean top to bottom. All of these things are worthy of documenting!

#52: Dreams, Hopes, and Wishes:

#53: Describe your perfect day:

#54: Define what words mean to you:…ie: love, joy, happiness, simple, etc.

#55: Acts of Kindness:

#56: Pet Peeves:

#57: Poetry/Song Lyrics:

These are just the first few ideas I have for scrapbook prompts to help you stay inspired on what to scrapbook about! As I think of more, I will certainly be sharing them here!

Do you have any ideas for other moments to capture from the everyday? Share them in the comments below!

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