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How to Download & Open Zip Files

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All of our downloads at come in .zip format. This is a compressed file folder that helps us make downloads smaller and makes it easier for you to download multiple items all at once.

Downloading the files from ScrapVine is easy to do and for most should be no problem. If you’re new to all of this don’t worry – we’ve got step by step instructions for you!

To access the download links for any of our digital kits, you simply need to go to the page of the download you want, and when you are logged in, you will see a message at the bottom of each kit that contains a green box with checkmark with the links in it. If you are not logged in, you will see a message prompting you to login or sign up.

Simply click on the link for the download and a box will appear asking you to confirm the download. Depending on your operating system you may be given the option to save or open the file – make sure you select to save it.

You will either be prompted to choose a location on your computer where the files should be downloaded to or it will automatically go to your Downloads folder.

Because all of our graphics are high resolution print quality images, downloads may take several minutes or longer depending on your internet connection. Once the file is downloaded, you’re ready to open it!

If you are on a Mac you will be able to just double click on the file to unzip the contents.

If you are using Windows XP or newer, the easiest option is to right click on the folder and then select “Extract All” – this will create a new folder in the same location with all of the files unzipped. You can then use those images in all of your digital scrapbooking projects.

There are also a number of different software programs you can use to make unzipping files even easier.

Here’s a list of the ones we’ve tried and use:

ExtractNow: If you have a lot of files you want to unzip all at once, and want to control where they unzip to, ExtractNow is a very simple and free program you can use. We especially like it when unzipping a lot of font files at once. All you do is drag all of your files into the window, choose where you want the unzipped files to go and click a button. Go to ExtractNow Website

7-Zip: This program is a great free alternative to paid software such as WinZip and worked great for us in Windows XP and Vista. It can also open other compressed file formats and create zipped files as well. Go to 7Zip Website.

StuffIt Expander: If you are using a Mac computer, you can use the free version of StuffIt Expander which we have tested for opening our files. Go toStuffIt Expander.

The Files I Downloaded Won’t Work?

If you download a kit and it won’t open, please bring it to our attention immediately. We test all of our compressed files before making them available, but sometimes they may not download properly depending on your internet connection. Before contacting us for help, try the following steps below:

1. Make Sure Your Computer Can Recognize .Zip Files: Some Windows 7 users have reported problems with their computer not recognizing the .zip file and saving it as a notepad file or other program. If you are running Windows, make sure that your file associations for .zip files are correct. For more on file associations and Windows, visit Microsoft Support’s Website.

2. Download the File Again: Your download may be incomplete and the easiest way to fix this is to delete the old file and download it again. Make sure that you have a steady internet connection when downloading files – a wireless signal that keeps cutting in and out can sometimes be the culprit to incomplete downloads.

3. Extract The Files Using Different Programs: Sometimes something that won’t open in 7zip will work with Extract Now or other programs like WinZip and WinAce. Make sure you try a few different types, as occasionally there may be a glitch in the software programs or differences in your operating system that can cause issues for some.

4. Ask for Help: If the previous two steps still don’t fix the problem, we’re here to help! Customer service is very important to us, and we want to make sure you get all of your downloads quickly and easily. When Contacting Us please include as many details as possible so we can help you quickly, such as the files you are having problems with, your internet connection speed, your computer system and software, internet browser, and the date and time you tried to downloaded it.

Do you have any tips for someone new to opening zip files? What programs do you use or like for making it even easier? Have any suggestions on how we can improve our download system on our site? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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