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How to Use the Visual Triangle in Scrapbook Page Design

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One of the first things I learned about digital scrapbooking design basics was a graphic design principle commonly referred to as the “Visual Triangle”.

Using the Visual Triangle, you can create page layouts that are well balanced and that our brains can easily process all of the elements, embellishments, and photographs on the page.

The visual triangle basically means that on the page layout there is an “invisible” triangle connection between either the photographs, text or the elements, or a combination of each.

This principle is used not only in scrapbooking, but by professional graphic design artists. It is often applied in magazine advertisements, website designs – even the billboards you drive past on the highway!

Here is a digital scrapbook page where you can see the 3 Primary elements connected through the three points of the triangle:

visual triangle example

On this page, the primary elements – Title (A), Photograph (B), and Journaling Text (C) are all balanced so that if you draw an imaginary line from one element to the other it creates a triangle.

While you don’t necessarily have to have a visual triangle when creating layouts, it does help when you are making your layouts from scratch to try to remember this design technique because it will help ensure your pages are well balanced.

Most layouts generally only have 1 or 2 triangles, but more complex layouts with many different photographs, journaling text blocks, and embellishment clusters may have as many as three or four different triangles on one digital scrapbooking layout page!

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